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It was great! I got a lot of ideas about things that I can try to help overcome the obstacles that I’m facing. It was good just to have someone look at what I was doing so that I know that I was at least partially on the right track. Since I’m the only SharePoint person, I don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off. It was nice to brainstorm with a couple of guys who know their way around SharePoint. The guys were a tremendous resource and very professional!

Samantha Davis - St. Lucie Public Schools


I am very satisfied with the project. Eric is very knowledgeable and was a big help to this project. My dealings with Eric have all been outstanding and professional. I am really happy with the way this has turned out.

Joe Knotts - IT Administrator, C&L Refrigeration Corporation


This video shows me exactly what I want for the different views in the same list!! Fantastically simple…8:14 seconds and I’m rockin’ it already!!

Chris Blocher - Autodesk, Inc. Ithaca, NY


The instructors are great, they know the product very well and they were able to answer all the questions that I had. Thank you!

Pech Kien - Liquid Container L.P. West Chicago, IL


The presenters provide individual help when necessary and do a great job of covering such a large amount of material.

Brian SchmellaGeneral Dynamics C4 Systems Pittsburgh, PA


The teaching methods are excellent and their knowledge is top notch. A++

Jose Mendez - Meridian Gold Company Reno, NV


All instructors are very effective in their deliveries. Having in depth knowledge of more than the topic at hand is helpful.

Takako EastonIntervet, Inc.


I feel that both Asif and Wendy are extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter.

Debbie WorstGreat American Insurance Cincinnati, OH


The instructors are very knowledgeable and explain the material very clearly.

Jeremiah Dotson - USAF Tampa, FL


These folks are well versed in their subject area.

Carolyn BennettArizona Board of Regents Phoenix, AZ


I was trying to learn more about Infopath forms, so these videos are useful for me.

Sales Operation Manager - Autodesk, Inc. Beijing, China


Very knowledgeable and great presenters/teachers.

Heather KuhelUGN, Inc. Tinley Park, IL


Both instructors are awesome and their practical real world experience is invaluable. Asif – this guy knows his stuff and is very good at explaining things. Wendy – I love her teaching style.

Joseph WhiteJoeCasa Consulting Crystal, MN


Instructors are excellent!

Scott FoxPalos School District 118 Palos Park, IL


Instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable!

Max Burgstahler - Decatur Public Schools


The instructors' knowledge of the application is amazing!

Mark Brewer - Boeing Co.


Good instructors, comfortable learning pace. Good overview of SharePoint features and functionality.

Claire Van Winden - Encore Medical


Instructors are not just reading off a script. They really know their stuff!

Beki Chambers - Draper, Inc.


I really enjoyed working with Russell Wright. I was able to get further with him in 3 sessions than I was able to do in 4 months. And I love the site. Lots of info!

Sharonda Stewart - Philhaven Behavioral Healthcare Services


Thanks for all of your help so far. I have really appreciated working with you on this and the approaches that you have taken in working with us on this project.

Laura Nee - Simplex Group