SharePoint 2010 Training Courses

The video tutorial based courses listed below are designed around specific knowledge areas in SharePoint. They are organized so you can effectively and easily learn new skills in SharePoint 2010.

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SP10-101: The Basics – End User Training

Author: Asif Rehmani

This series of videos will teach the user the SharePoint fundamentals: working with lists, libraries, documents and web pages. Site owners will learn how to administer their individual subsites and share the information with other users. Also, learn how to connect SharePoint information with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Access.

SP10-102: Site Collection Administrator Training

Author: Asif Rehmani

SharePoint administrators have complete access to all sites in the site collection. This course includes detailed instructions on the following: creating document sets, charting data from Excel spreadsheets, managing permissions and security, creating themes, creating and exporting site and list templates, and more.

SP10-103: General Videos

Author: Asif Rehmani

View this series of videos that show a range of general SharePoint 2010 skill areas including working with themes, libraries, lists, site collections, columns, team sites, and much more.

SP10-201:SharePoint Designer Training

Author: Asif Rehmani

SharePoint Designer is a free product. It lets you build customizable SharePoint site components and the process is faster and easier. This course covers the fundamentals of SharePoint Designer including: creating and managing subsits, lists, libraries, web pages, site columns, content types, workflows, data views and more.

SP10-202: Workflows Training

Author: Asif Rehmani

The second in our series on SharePoint Designer, this course shows you how to take advantage of the SharePoint Designer Workflows functionally to its fullest capabilities including: creating reusable workflows, site workflows, workflows on a list, global workflows and modifying built-in workflows.

SP10-203: InfoPath Forms

Author: Asif Rehmani

Microsoft InfoPath is the default platform to create all SharePoint electronic forms. This course covers skills such as converting Microsoft Word documents and Excel workbooks to InfoPath, cascading drop-downs, setting rules, modifying lists, publishing new forms to library, publish form as content type, and more.

SP10-301: Business Application BCS

Author: Raymond Mitchell

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a component of SharePoint that allows you to use external data inside of SharePoint. This video course shows you how to create external lists with external data, use external data columns, use external content types, create external systems, create and define relationships of external content types, configure business data web parts, etc.

SP10-302: Building Dashboards

Author: Bruce Herz

Learn how to create meaningful, interactive, and flexible business reports that are easily managed and rendered in your SharePoint 2010 Environment using SQL Server Reporting Services. This courses covers items such as: installing SQL Server, Data Sources and Data Sets, Report Parts, Tablix Data Regions, Tablix Tables, report parameters and expressions, Sparklines and Databars, Gauges and Indicators.

SP10-303: Branding

Author: Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

Use SharePoint’s branding capabilities to make SharePoint look less ‘SharePointy’. Using knowledge of CSS, this video series will teach you to successfully apply your existing branding skills to SharePoint. Learn skills like: creating basic and extended SharePoint 2010 themes, working with Master pages, modify the look and feel of site pages, apply branding to “out-of-the-box” web parts, use Javascript to add interaction to your site.

SP10-304: Web Compatible Databases

Author: Bruce Herz

Use Access 2010 to quickly develop Web based applications to create interactive and dynamic web databases, forms, reports, queries and macros. Learn how to integrate Access Web Databases with SharePoint 2010, create web databases tables, modify tables and validation, use data macros, build custom web database forms, publish web applications to SharePoint Access Services, and leverage SharePoint when using Access Services.

SP10-305: Manage Metadata

Author: Mike Doane

SharePoint 2010 ships with a powerful taxonomy management tool – Term Store. Building out the Term Store can greatly improve user experience, search and information find-ability. This video package teaches the best practices, tips, and tricks for creating and managing taxonomies in the SharePoint 2010 Term Store Management Too

SP10-306: Project Management

Author: Eric Eaton

SharePoint offers a set of building blocks uniquely well-suited to solving the problems of project management. The videos in this series cover not only the theory and planning necessary to build a practical project portal, but also the technical skills necessary to bring all of those pieces together. Best of all, then entire portal is created using SharePoint 2010 Foundation and SharePoint Designer which are completely free.

SP10-307: SP2010 Search

Author: Robert Piddocke/Joshua Noble

This video series has been designed to teach the key end-to-end administrator and power user concepts around search in SharePoint 2010. Spanning topics from design, deployment, backend administration, and user interface customization, this series will teach you to maximize the SharePoint 2010 Search’s potential for your organization.