The video tutorial based courses listed below are designed around specific knowledge areas in SharePoint.
They are organized so you can effectively and easily learn new skills in SharePoint 2007.


SP 101(2007) – SharePoint 2007 End User & Site Administrator Training 
Level: Beginner & Intermediate          Approx Time: 10+ hours
This series of videos will teach the user the SharePoint fundamentals: working with lists, libraries, documents and web pages. Site owners will learn how to administer their individual subsites and share the information with other users. Also, learn how to connect SharePoint information with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Access.


SP 201(2007) – SharePoint Designer 2007
Level: Intermediate Approx Time: 7.5 hrs
SharePoint Designer is a free product. It lets you build customizable SharePoint site components and the process is faster and easier. This course covers the fundamentals of SharePoint Designer including: creating, backing up, restoring and deleting sites; creating, managing, adding and modifying web parts; workflows; list views; data views; and more.


SP 202(2007) – SharePoint InfoPath 2007
Level: Intermediate Approx Time: 3.5 hrs
SharePoint InfoPath is a great way to create powerful electronic forms. No code is required to make these forms and configure logic within these forms. This course covers converting Word and Excel forms to InfoPath, how to enhance InfoPath, using template parts, digital signatures in forms, connecting SharePoint lists and SQL Databases using a form and more.


SP 250(2007) – SharePoint 2007 General Videos
Level: Beginner & Intermediate Approx Time: 1.5 hours
View this series of videos that show a range of general SharePoint 2010 skill areas including working with libraries, lists, site collections, site directory, team sites, workflows, and much more.