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Videos on this page are sample SharePoint videos for you to watch. No registration required. Be sure to check out our Entire Full Collection of SharePoint related video tutorials.
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SP13-131 SharePoint 2013: The Basics - End User Training
Level: Beginner
Title Summary Length
Linking to other site content (SP 2013) Dynamic links can be created to link to other content on the SharePoint site. This video shows how you can make a link in a web page to link to other content on the site. 1:39
Upload multiple documents to a library (SP 2013) This video shows how to upload multiple documents to a library by using the drag and drop functionality. 0:44
SP13-150 SharePoint 2013: General Videos
Level: Beginner
Title Summary Length
Walkthrough of SharePoint 2013 Team Site This video explores the various components of a SharePoint 2013 Team Site’s home page. We look at the navigation components, ways to create new Apps in the site, and the new Metro UI that’s available everywhere now in SharePoint 2013. 5:38
Uploading documents to Documents library in SharePoint 2013 Uploading documents to a Documents library (App) in SharePoint 2013 is very intuitive. Just drag and drop the files directly on the web interface of the library. This video shows how that’s done. 2:44
SP13-301 SharePoint 2013: Branding
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Site level branding customizations for publishing sites This section focuses on out-of-the-box components available to make branding changes to publishing sites. 11:09
Making changes to master pages When it comes to knowing SharePoint branding, master pages are a must. In this part, we’ll see what’s involved in making changes and creating new master pages using SharePoint Designer 2013. Hands-on branding starts here. 14:30
SP13-302 SharePoint 2013: Project Management
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Utilize Familiar Tools Learn how to use SharePoint with common Office tools. Further use of Office Web Apps to edit. Collaboration with Microsoft Lync and using Excel with SharePoint. 18:46
Mobile Project Management Here a brief mobile scenario is shown as well as how to use site notebook using OneNote and Office Web Apps. 5:53
SP13-303 SharePoint 2013: Development
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
The 3 main deployment options Learn the pros and cons of each option: App, Farm Solution and content. 10:03
Event receiver demo We show you how you can add event receivers and use them to control content validation and business logic. 14:03
SP13-304 SharePoint Designer 2013: Workflow
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
What’s new in 2013 Workflow and types of applications Why SharePoint is a good workflow platform? Differences of Application vs Enterprise. 2010 vs 2013 Architecture explained. Workflow manager as separate installation. 6:57
Configuration & Logging Configuration: How do you store parameters outside your SharePoint 2013 workflow that can help drive the logic and business rules. Logging: How do you get information out of your workflow to track the status. 13:25
SP 13-305 SharePoint: Search
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
What’s new In SharePoint 2013 Search A look at SharePoint 2013 Search new architecture, User Interface, Query and Content Processing. 13:11
SharePoint 2013 continuous crawl A deep dive into the crawling process and review of full, incremental and continuous crawling options. 6:51
SP 13-306 SharePoint: JavaScript and jQuery
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Important development tools with JavaScript and jQuery Get an inside look at the most useful tools for the development process in SharePoint 2013. 9:09
Retrieving SharePoint 2013 List data Learn the 3 main methods to calling SharePoint 2013 data from the server. 10:53
SP 13-307 SharePoint: Enterprise Forms
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
SharePoint Forms 2013 course objectives and takeaways We look at what you can get out of SharePoint 2013, InfoPath 2013, Access 2013, HTML5 and Cloud App Model. 5:50
SharePoint and Access 2013 Learn how to take advantage of Access 2013 and explore new options in creating forms in SharePoint. 6:42
SP13-308 SharePoint 2013: Administration Course
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
SharePoint 2013 Administration Overview Overview of the administration features in SharePoint 2013 compared to older versions of SharePoint. 9:42
What’s new in SharePoint 2013 for Administrators – part 1 Changes and new features built for administration tasks in SharePoint 2013. 12:10
SP 13-309 SharePoint 2013: Records Management
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
SharePoint 2013 Records Management course modules overview The course outline and look at the goals of each topic in the Records Management in SharePoint 2013. 12:59
Document IDs and content type syndication How Documents IDs and Farm Wide Content can be used for Records Management in SharePoint 2013. 9:11
SP 13-310 SharePoint 2013: Business Intelligence
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Business Intelligence features and Excel Services 2013 Introducing the new Business Intelligence functions and Excel Services new features in SharePoint 2013. 7:52
DAX and tables relationships Part 1 Introduces the new Cloud-hosted app model for SharePoint 2013. This includes SharePoint-hosted, Autohosted, and Provider-hosted applications. 7:16
SP 13-311 SharePoint 2013: Beginning Development
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Getting your SharePoint 2013 Development Environment Up and Running Provides an overview of how to set up your development environment for Office 365 so you can build cloud-hosted applications. 9:51
Welcome to the new SharePoint 2013 Application Model Creating relationships between tables and look at Data Analysis Expression in SharePoint 2013. 12:36
SP 13-312 SharePoint 2013: Project 2013
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Course objectives for Project 2013 class Discussion of the essential skills you will gain on planning, tracking and controlling projects with Project 2013. 6:27
Project 2013 topics overview We look at the main topics and review Microsoft Project 2013 capabilities. 4:25
SP 13-313 SharePoint 2013: Managed Metadata and Content Management
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Managed Metadata topics overview Introduction to the modules and the key components of information management in SharePoint 2013. 3:46
Understanding Metadata What is metadata and how does it describe information in SharePoint 2013? 6:19
SP 13-314 SharePoint 2010 & 2013: Cheap Thrills in SharePoint
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
SharePoint cheap thrills class overview How to use SharePoint document creation automation, scheduling and resource reservation system. 11:04
Automatic document creation workflow Demonstration and workflow in creating documents automatically. 11:49
SP 13-315 SharePoint Online (Office 365) Branding
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Branding SharePoint Online Sites (Office 365) – Course Overview A look at the content in the sections and chapters of the Branding SharePoint Online course. 5:38
The process of SharePoint online branding This video covers what is SharePoint online branding and what is involved in the process. 4:27
SP13-316 Working with External Data in SharePoint 2013 using BCS and Workflows – On premises and Online
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Working with External Data in SharePoint 2013 – Course outline Overview of the main chapters of the course covering BCS, Differences in Context, Workflows, Security Models, Visual Studio and more. 4:24
Overview of External Data with SharePoint BCS The section agenda including BCS, BCS Architecture, External Content Type, External List, External Data Column and more. 14:40

SP 13-317 Making Enterprise Social Real in your Organization with Yammer and SharePoint 2013

Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
The necessity of Enterprise Social How indispensable is Enterprise Social to organizations on internal information search, emails, collaboration and productivity. 6:51
Improving collective effectiveness with Social Enterprise Networks Why an organization needs decentralization, alignment, transparency and engagement for maximum collective output. 11:06

SP 13-318 Implementing SharePoint 2013 Hybrid for Search, Business Connectivity Services, OneDrive for Business and Yammer

Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
SharePoint 2013 Hybrid – Course structure A look at the course objectives, sections overview, topics flow and demo sessions. 11:01
Defining SharePoint 2013 Hybrid How SharePoint On Premises and SharePoint Online combine to make Hybrid SharePoint 2013. 13:08

SP 13-319 Essential content management in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Essential Content Management: Overview A look at the course objectives, sections overview, topics flow and demo sessions. 3:26
The Benefits of using SharePoint for Content Management How SharePoint 2013 can improve content management within your organization. 6:27


Basics-End User Training
Level: Beginner
Title Summary Length
Working with Quick Launch bar Quick launch menu provides links to items (lists, documents, pages etc.) within a site. This video shows how to configure the quick launch menu. 0:54
Restoring items from Recycle Bin Recycle bin holds items that have been deleted by site members. This video shows how to restore items from the recycle bin. 0:51
General Videos
Level: All levels
Title Summary Length
Exploring a SharePoint Site This video explores the makeup of a SharePoint site. The Quick Launch, Ribbon and Content Area of the site pages are discussed. Also, the navigation scheme of the sites is explored. 12:15
Approval process for pages in Publishing Sites This video shows how the page publishing process works in a site created using 'Publishing Site with Workflow' site template. The publishing pages that are used to present content on a publishing site go through an approval workflow process before they are displayed to the visitors of the site. Members of the site are the ones creating the content while the Approvers are the people who approve/reject the content. You will see the whole lifecycle of this process in this video. 13:08
Versioning settings in Document Libraries Document libraries provide the ability to have documents with both major and minor versions. A major version is usually a document that has been published while a minor version is still in draft state and being worked upon. The draft items can be set to be invisible to readers of the site. You will see in this video how to configure versioning settings and the best methods to utilize them. 9:00
Creating and customizing a SharePoint page This video shows a detailed demonstration of how to create and customize SharePoint pages using the browser. Many of the options in the ribbon are explored. First, a new page is created on the site then it is customized by adding text, table, image, list, and links. Also, it is demonstrated how to use Wiki linking to connect to content on your site. 11:51
Site Collection Administrator Training
Level: Beginner
Title Summary Length
Create SharePoint Themes using PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint 2010 can be used to create an Office theme. That theme then can be used to apply to a SharePoint site. It’s a very easy and flexible way to produce themes for SharePoint Sites. Site Collection admin right is needed to add the theme to the site collection. Then a SharePoint Site Admin can apply the theme to any site within the site collection. 6:36
Checking Permissions for a User An end user or an active directory group can be given a variety of permissions within a site collection. There is an easy way to check those permissions from the Site Permissions page. 7:07
SharePoint Designer 2010: No Code Solutions Training
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 SharePoint Designer 2010 is the premier tool to configure and customize SharePoint 2010. It has evolved from SharePoint Designer 2007 with a totally new look and feel to it. This video shows how you can navigate around the SPD 2010 environment. 4:24
Create Custom List Form Pages using SharePoint Designer List Form pages let you view, edit and insert items in lists and libraries. The existing list form pages can be modified or new ones can be created easily using SharePoint Designer. You will see how to create a new Edit form page and then modify the page’s formatting and insert your own logo in the form page. 8:36
SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows: Business Process Automation Training
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Creating a Workflow on a List using SharePoint Designer 2010 SharePoint Designer can be used to create powerful workflows on your site. You can create workflows on a list or library, create reusable workflows or create site based workflows. This video focuses on creating list workflows. While showing you how to create a list workflow, the various capabilities of the workflow designer environment (such as steps, conditions, actions, parallel branching, moving actions around etc) are explained so you can take full advantage of this robust environment. 19:57
Create a Site Workflow and modify its form using InfoPath One of the types of workflows you can create using SharePoint Designer 2010 is the site workflow. This type of workflow is not attached to a list or library but rather to a site itself. In this video, you will see how to accomplish that. In addition, you will also see how to modify the user interface form, that this workflow creates, using InfoPath 2010. 16:48
InfoPath 2010: Design Electronic Forms Training
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Introduction to InfoPath 2010 This video introduces Microsoft InfoPath 2010 and demonstrates the features to start creating your first form. The features highlighted in the video are: page layout templates, layout tables, branding the form using themes, and placing labels and controls on the page to accept user input. 9:07
Create a SharePoint List form using InfoPath If you are running SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise, you can use InfoPath 2010 to modify SharePoint list forms. You can take advantage of all that InfoPath has to offer (conditional formatting, validation, etc.) when customizing the list form. This video shows how you can modify the out of the box Tasks list in SharePoint using InfoPath. 8:33
SharePoint 2010 Branding and Design Training
Level: Advanced
Title Summary Length
Modifying the look and feel of site pages Main content of your SharePoint 2010 site pages makes up for 80% of what your users are interacting with. Making that content fit in with the rest of the site branding is easier than you think. In this module, learn how you can apply branding to list views and generic page content by using SharePoint Designer 2010. 13:16
Using third party controls for site branding In many cases, third party user controls will let your SharePoint site look and function better. In this module, see exactly what involved in integrating third parting user interface controls into your site and how those can be connected to the functionality available in your SharePoint site. We’ll look at using custom navigation control for your SharePoint 2010 site navigation. 12:17
Business Connectivity Services: Access Business Application Data Training
Level: Advanced
Title Summary Length
Introducing External Content Types External Content Types are the backbone of all Business Connectivity Service solutions. In this video we explore the various components that make up an External Content Type and how they are represented inside of SharePoint Designer. 8:07
Business Data Web Parts SharePoint Server Enterprise ships with a number of built in Web Parts that surface External Content Types. In this video we show how to add and configure several Business Data Web Parts. 9:44
Dashboards using Reporting Services Training
Level: Advanced
Title Summary Length
Introduction to SQL Reporting Services 2008 R2 and Report Builder 3.0 In this video, you will get an overview of SQL Reporting Services 2008 R2 and the various Report Authoring tools that are available. You will learn how SharePoint 2010 can be integrated with Reporting Services. Also, you will be introduced to Report Builder 3.0, which is a free authoring tool, to create powerful no-code solutions, all managed and rendered using SharePoint 2010. 17:51
Gauges and Indicators The gauges and indicator data region are graphical representations of a single value in your dataset. Learn how and when to use a gauge or an indicator. 13:35
Web Databases using Access Services Training
Level: Advanced
Title Summary Length
Introduction to Access Services In this video, you will get an overview of Access Services using SharePoint 2010 and Access 2010. You will learn how and why the new Access Web Databases can be integrated with SharePoint 2010 to create Web compatible Applications. 8:15
Publishing Web Applications to SharePoint Access Services Publishing a Web Application to an Access Services SharePoint site is a one click step. Or is it? Learn about the process of publishing and some hints on what to do if things don’t happen as expected. 11:27
Enterprise Metadata and Taxonomy Management Training
Level: Advanced
Title Summary Length
Overview of Taxonomies in SharePoint 2010 This video provides an overview of taxonomies in general, and the Term Store Management tool. In addition to introducing the Term Store, we discuss SharePoint 2010’s value as an information management platform from the standpoint of both an end user and a taxonomy manager. 7:07
Planning Taxonomy implementation in SharePoint 2010 Knowing your audience is the best place to start any information management endeavor, and a taxonomy implementation in SharePoint 2010 is no exception. This video walks through some of the most applicable user analysis methods for SharePoint 2010 taxonomy implementation. 11:57
Project Management Training
Level: Advanced
Title Summary Length
Project Management in SharePoint – Introduction and Overview In this overview video, the author demonstrates how SharePoint offers several list types that on their own are simple, powerful ways to track information. By connecting these lists together and adding sub-sites, you can build a central project management hub that changes the way you work. See the overall picture narrated and demonstrated from an end-user and project manager perspective. The best part is that all of this is created using the free SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 products. 7:30
Project Task Tracking This video walks you through the standard Project Tasks list, and demonstrates how to customize it with custom site columns to track planned vs actual dates and show them in a dynamic Gantt chart. 15:02
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Title Summary Length
SharePoint 2010 Search series introduction This video introduces the topics and coverage of the SharePoint Search 2010 package of videos. Watch this to determine which videos in this package are relevant to your particular needs. The authors of the video tutorials are also introduced in this video. 3:49
Introduction to Search web parts SharePoint ships with many pre-built Search web parts. This video shows the web parts and demonstrates some of the best practices on how to utilize them properly. 5:29
Adding property restrictions to advanced search This video shows adding a new result type and custom property restrictions. The example used is to show PDF type result files and Region and DocumentType property restrictions. 11:50


SharePoint 2007 Training
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Title Summary Length
Introduction to SharePoint Server 2007 An overview of what is new in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as opposed to the older version SharePoint Portal Server 2003 10:54
Introducing Document Management Document Management is a robust feature in SharePoint. Learn the various capabilities that are offered out of the box by the document mangement features. 9:09
Installing SharePoint 2007 This video demonstrates the process of installing SharePoint (WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007) as a single server install. Then it shows how to setup some of the global settings that need to be immediately configured after the install. The video also examines how to assign server roles in a SharePoint server farm. 11:00
Creating a SharePoint Site SharePoint comes with multiple site templates. This video shows how to create a SharePoint site using those templates. 7:04
SharePoint Designer 2007: No Code Solutions Training
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
SharePoint Designer 2007 Overview SharePoint Designer can be used in a WSS or MOSS environment to perform robust customizations to look and feel, and content for the site. This video provides an overview to Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007. 22:10
Create and Manage Web Part Zones using SharePoint Designer Properties of existing Web Part zones can be managed and new Web Part zones can be created using SharePoint Designer. This video shows how you change the orientation of web parts in a zone and how you can lock down various properties of web part zones. 18:37
InfoPath 2007: Design Electronic Forms Training
Level: Intermediate
Title Summary Length
Introduction to InfoPath 2007 InfoPath 2007 is a great way to create powerful electronic forms. No code is required to make these forms and configure logic within these forms. This video introduces you and provides an overview to the InfoPath 2007 environment. 16:34
Publishing InfoPath forms to Forms Server Publish a form created using InfoPath 2007 to a Document Library in SharePoint server running InfoPath Forms Services. 15:28


SharePoint Webinars
Level: Varies
Title Summary Presenter
Webinar - 10 Steps to SharePoint Adoption Help your end user base trust and make the best use out of SharePoint. Watch this webinar to learn 10 steps to enhance SharePoint adoption Eric Riz
Webinar - SharePoint No Code Solutions - Q&A Panelists take audience questions on various ways to create no-code solutions in SharePoint. Discussion and Q&A on the various no-code tools available and the pros and cons of each. Marc Anderson, Ira Fuchs, Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Stay on the ground or go to the cloud? Discussion and Q&A on the pros and cons of Office 365, On-Premises, Private Cloud and Hybrid environments for SharePoint. Rob LaMear IV, Fabian Williams, Mark Kashman
Webinar – Role of branding in future of SharePoint This webinar is purely a Q&A and discussion taking the questions from the audience around SharePoint Branding - present and the future. Covered topics were: Responsive Design, difference between SharePoint Online and On-premises branding, differences in master page modifications between SharePoint Online and on-premises, etc. Randy Drisgill, John Ross, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy
Webinar – VisualSP Lite Help System VisualSP is a SharePoint Help System that provides end users with context sensitive help through the Help tab in the ribbon. The help content is in the form of video tutorials, tip sheets, documents and links to external content. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – SharePoint Life Cycle Training Presented in this webinar recording is the 2-prong approach of SharePoint Life-Cycle Training. It shows how it can help SharePoint users LEARN and RETAIN knowledge thus resulting in greater end user adoption and less end user support headaches. Asif Rehmani, Marshall Butler
Webinar – No-code SharePoint 2013 solutions In this session, you will see the true power of tools such as SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows, Search web parts, live mapping functionality, InfoPath 2013 and more with live demos. Learn about the no-code opportunities in SharePoint 2013. We also showcase the no-code solution handbook and SharePoint adoption training kits. Asif Rehmani, Mark Gillis
Webinar – Conquer the chaos of SharePoint End User Support Wouldn’t you love to provide users the support they need when and where they need it? Stop the repetitive explanations by giving users the Help they need in-context and on-demand. We’ll talk about the strategies needed to cut down on the support phone calls and emails freeing you to really build powerful solutions on SharePoint instead of just being the SharePoint help desk. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – 5 steps to drive Sustainable SharePoint Adoption Join SharePoint MVPs Dux Raymond Sy and Asif Rehmani in this interactive webinar as they share practical techniques on how you can drive sustainable SharePoint adoption in your organization. In addition, you’ll see how Innovative-e’s Sustainable SharePoint Adoption Foundation (SSAF) solution can quickly support your organization’s sustainable SharePoint adoption initiatives. Dux Raymond Sy, Asif Rehmani
Webinar – SharePoint 2010 Search SharePoint Search is one of the most Powerful features that SharePoint has to offer. However, an understanding of how to configure and efficiently use Search mechanisms to unlock hidden information still remains an art. This webinar brings together the top experts in the field of Search who routinely advise small to large organizations on how to be successful with their SharePoint Search based initiatives. Joshua Noble, Robert Piddocke
Webinar – Strategies to drive SharePoint adoption in Your organization This webinar brings together the top experts in the field who routinely advise small to large organizations on how to be successful with their SharePoint based initiatives. This event is a combination of them sharing their thoughts and strategies and also taking audience questions around this extremely important subject area. Susan Hanley, Michal Pisarek, Ruven Gotz, Asif Rehmani
Webinar - Automate Business Processes using SharePoint Designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010 Demonstration of an end-to-end simple expense reporting process. This was a hands-on webinar, conducted in partnership with CloudShare, in which the attendees got a chance to build a no-code expense reporting application using InfoPath 2010 forms and SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Tour SharePoint 2013 user interfaces SharePoint 2013 brings with it a bold new look compared to the earlier versions. Want to know what has changed exactly? Watch this webinar! The ‘Metro’ look of sites, the introduction of ‘Apps’, an easier way to manage your documents, the radical new way to style your site and more are all discussed in this session. Asif Rehmani
Webinar - Project Management using SharePoint 2010 This webinar focuses on building project management processes directly on any flavor of SharePoint 2010 (Foundation, Server or even SharePoint Online within Office 365). Nearly every organization already uses SharePoint at some level for simple things like document management, but many times all of the other things SharePoint does really well go unused. This webinar shows how to leverage features like discussion boards, task lists, shared calendars, roll-up web parts and more to manage most or all of your projects in one place! We discuss ways for providing self-serve status updates that automatically roll-up to the summary pages per each project (and even across all of your projects). Eric  Eaton
Webinar-Manage Projects with Project Server 2010 In today’s project-centric work environment, the ability to coordinate multiple projects with distributed teams, and making high-level strategic decisions based upon consolidated project progress, risk and resource usage information is critical. Microsoft Project Server 2010 is an enterprise-wide project management platform designed to meet these challenges. In this session, you learn to optimize Project Server to manage enterprise projects. Dux Raymond Sy
Webinar-Using SharePoint Designer 2010 in the Real World This session provides real world use cases and guidance that covers when it is safe to let your site administrators use SharePoint Designer 2010 (and also when it’s not safe). In addition, we will discuss the different level of privileges that should be granted to different groups of people in your organization. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – User Interfaces of SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 ships with a variety of functionality waiting to be discovered. You can easily build your collaboration based solutions directly on top of this platform without the need for any programming. You need just the browser to create your robust solutions with lists, libraries and other site components. But how do you know where to get started? This session shows the user interfaces of SharePoint 2010 and explains how easy it is to get started. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Make the Best Use of SharePoint Designer 2010 This webinar starts with an explanation of why you would want to use SharePoint Designer 2010 instead of the browser to create your site components. Then the presentation digs deeper into showing how you can create powerful workflows. Subsequently, the last thing demonstrated is how easy it is to fetch data from a database and show on a SharePoint page. Along the way, there were many good questions that attendees asked and the attempt was made to answer as many as possible in the allotted time. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Leveraging Business Connectivity Services Business Connectivity Services allows you to both read from and write data back to your external systems! BCS allows you to surface your external data in SharePoint AND inside of Office applications, meaning your data is that much more accessible! * One of the big stumbling blocks in getting started with the BDC was the lack of tooling support from Microsoft. With BCS, both SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 have first-class support for building solutions with the BCS. What’s even better, many common scenarios can be handled with just SharePoint Designer 2010, without needing a developer or Visual Studio. Raymond Mitchell
Webinar – Augmenting SharePoint Designer Workflows with Visual Studio 2010 Generally the best story for creating custom workflows in SharePoint 2010 is to stick with the declarative and most productive option: use SharePoint Designer 2010. However there are situations when SharePoint Designer cannot achieve some business requirements. One common example is when you need to implement some sort of a loop. In this session, you’ll see what’s involved in creating a custom activity (action) in Visual Studio 2010 and deploy it to SharePoint so it can be used in SharePoint Designer based workflows. Andrew Connell
Webinar – Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 Team Sites – Best Practices So you got your SharePoint 2010 Team Site… now what? How should you proceed to set it up? What should be the things to look out for and to not do? This session explores best practices on how to start up with your team site. Setting up your quick launch, top link bar, company/department logo, creating and setting up lists and libraries and more are discussed here. In addition, the last 20 minutes cover Q&A from attendees. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010, Visio 2010 and InfoPath 2010 Forms and Workflows are important for automating business processes. Companies usually rely on programmers to create the forms and workflows using code. Not anymore! With InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create powerful data driven form composite solutions on your SharePoint sites. InfoPath gives you the ability to pull data from databases and lists, and create forms with data validation and conditional formatting. SharePoint Designer’s workflows let you then design powerful multi-step workflows centered around the form collected data, building upon the out-of-the-box reusable workflows and even import workflow designs from Visio! In this presentation, you will see how these tools come together to design workflows and route forms across your organization for task assignment and approval. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 SharePoint Designer 2010, which is a free application, is “The Preferred” tool to design powerful no-code solutions and applications in SharePoint 2010. In this video, you will get a broad overview of the capabilities of the tool, from site customizations such as modifying Site Metadata, managing Site Security, or creating Site Content, to building List or Site based Workflows and connecting to a variety of Data Sources. You will also learn about the new user experience components such as the Ribbon and Summary Pages in SharePoint Designer 2010. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Effectively Leveraging Project 2010 with SharePoint 2010 for Project Management Success Microsoft Project is a project management tool widely used by project managers today. Its’ ability to support project managers to define a schedule, assign resources to tasks and track project status has been instrumental in contributing to project success. However, it can be a challenge for a project manager to share project information and collaborate with the project team with Microsoft Project alone. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 can complement Microsoft Project 2010 and address this gap. Dux Raymond Sy
Webinar – How and where to deploy InfoPath 2010 forms Microsoft InfoPath 2010 and Forms Server 2010 come together to provide a powerful platform for electronic form generation. It’s crucial to your business to know how to use InfoPath most effectively. InfoPath forms can exist independently or they can be hosted on a server platform – like SharePoint. This session focuses on the various deployment options for the forms and provides guidance to help decide on the best deployment option for Your need! Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Best Practices and Limitations of creating Workflows using Visio and SharePoint Designer SharePoint 2010 comes with the ability for creating workflows without programming using Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010. This is a Giant step towards being able to easily visualize and work with your workflows using these products. So what can and can’t you do using these products? What are the best practices when working with them? This session covers these questions. Also, what if you need to be able to do more with workflows without programming and these products are not enough? We look at additional products in the market as well and how they all stack up. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Modifying SharePoint List Forms using SharePoint Designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010 To display, edit and insert data into SharePoint lists, you need to interact with the SharePoint list forms. The out-of-the-box SharePoint list forms are not always sufficient. Sometimes you need to modify the existing ones or better yet, create new ones. SharePoint Designer has been a great tool to customize SharePoint list forms for a long time. Now in SharePoint 2010, you can use InfoPath 2010 to customize the forms as well. What’s the difference? Why should you use one tool over the other for this purpose? This webinar shows you how each functionality works and explore the pros and cons of using each method to customize your SharePoint list forms. Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Office 365: What you need to know! Office 365 is the way to provide messaging, collaboration, web conferencing, document sharing and more to your organization – large and small. Simply put, it’s SharePoint 2010 in the cloud. Office 365 went Live on June 28th, 2011. This webinar focused on providing information you need to be successful making decisions regarding Office 365 . The functionality and administrative capabilities of Office 365 were demonstrated. Mark Kashman
Webinar-SharePoint Branding and User Interface Design Compelling and user friendly interface of your SharePoint solution is one of the key factors in successful adoption of your intranet or internet site. This webinar gives you a solid understanding of how you can improve user interface and brand your site with visual elements you have seen online or have been provided by a professional design team. Yaroslav Pentsarskyy
Webinar-Q&A Panel with SharePoint Experts Panel of SharePoint Experts: Richard Wixom Russell Wright Eric Eaton Asif Rehmani In this webinar, demonstrations and discussions were conducted by the panelists. Some of the topics talked about in the panel: SharePoint Calendar sharing SharePoint Designer in Production Data View web part Using PowerShell to list all SharePoint sites and subsites Printing of SharePoint list data Downloading more than one file at a time without a 3rd party add-on Checking permissions for a user InfoPath 2010 resources and more. Richard Wixom, Russell Wright, Eric Eaton, Asif Rehmani
Webinar – Smart Storage for SharePoint Today’s business users demand better, faster collaboration networks and Microsoft SharePoint is poised to fit their needs. But many SharePoint implementations disappoint over time due to inefficient storage and insufficient data availability. Don’t let this happen! This webinar shows you the secrets of choosing and growing an appropriate storage platform for your SharePoint environment to gain the most return on your investment. We examine SharePoint’s unique storage requirements and discuss how to scale your disk hardware to reduce contention, throttle bandwidth usage, improve data availability and establish redundant data for archiving or disaster recovery. Wendy Henry
Webinar – SharePoint Designer Data Views SharePoint Designer 2007 can be used to integrate data from a variety of sources into a single integrated solution. This session demonstrates how the Data View web part in SharePoint Designer can be used for the task of retrieving data from SharePoint Lists. Also shown is how data in multiple lists can be connected to produce a unified view of related information. That’s not all, also demonstrated is how you can make this view editable to commit any data changes back to the data source… All without a single line of code! Asif Rehmani

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