SP13-301 SharePoint 2013: Branding Video Training Package

SharePoint 2013 comes with many customization and branding opportunities. Customize and brand your SharePoint sites to look ‘non-SharePointy’. Making your SharePoint solution compelling and user friendly is one of the key factors in successful adoption of your intranet or internet site.

This video package demonstrates the branding options for various sites and components. Learn how to work with Themes and Master Pages to make your SharePoint environment look beautiful, but very functional at the same time. The demonstrations deal with Team Sites as well as Publishing Sites. In publishing sites, learn to design custom Page Layouts to layout your pages based on your branding and governance guidelines. Then learn how to transfer branding from your existing site to another site. In addition, you will learn how to use JavaScript extensions to add interaction to your sites and spice them up with the latest interactive elements (no prior JavaScript experience required!)

This set of videos will give you a solid understanding on how you can improve user interface and brand your SharePoint sites with visual elements you have seen online or have been provided by a professional design team. This video package contains video tutorials for this functionality that will show you step-by-step how you can brand and enhance user interfaces in your environment. Each video has full audio narration performed by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy (SharePoint MVP and Author) – full time SharePoint Consultant.

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Watch these video samples from the package:


Product highlights:

  • Training from actual SharePoint professionals and instructors
  • Videos cover skills on Branding in SharePoint 2013
  • Full of Demos of the functionality
  • Additional Resources in the package:
    • 80+ slides slide deck on SharePoint 2013 Branding
    • Resource files used in the course (ex: javascript, web pages, style sheets, master pages etc.)
    • Pre-packaged sample solutions to plug and play and use in your environment: Page layouts, master pages, site interaction, site theme
  • This video package can be downloaded immediately after purchase

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Enterprise License


  • Unlimited users
  • For intranet, portal or web server deployment


SP13-301 SharePoint 2013: Branding video training package
Level: Intermediate Approx Time: 2+ hrs
SharePoint Videos Duration (mm:ss)
1 Getting a SharePoint 2013 developer site We start by making sure you have a good test environment that you can use going forward. 3:22
2 Page level branding customizations for a team site In this part, we’ll see what team sites are all about and how you can get started with page level branding customizations on this type of site. 7:17
3 Site level branding customizations for team sites This section focuses on out-of-the-box components available to make branding changes to team sites. No code at this point. Pure configuration to achieve these results. 5:56
4 Page level customizations for publishing sites The focus here is publishing sites and what you can do with them in terms of customizing the branding on a page level. 4:18
5 Site level branding customizations for publishing sites This section focuses on out-of-the-box components available to make branding changes to publishing sites. 11:09
6 Little known facts about site templates Team sites, publishing sites… what else is there and how is it all related? In this section, we’ll see how core concepts you’ve learned so far are linked not just to branding of couple of site templates but variety of other templates available in SharePoint. 4:32
7 Tools you’ll need for branding Having a good tool set is important to get to branding task itself rather than focusing on logistics. This part talks all about tools and demystifies when would you use Visual Studio 2012 and when to use SharePoint Designer 2013.  10:00
8 Creating SharePoint custom look/theme Themes are great for light customizations and in SharePoint 2013 there is lots you can do with themes. We’ll see when to use themes and how to create your own theme from beginning to end. Light configuration and code will be involved here. 13:20
9 Making changes to master pages When it comes to knowing SharePoint branding, master pages are a must. In this part, we’ll see what’s involved in making changes and creating new master pages using SharePoint Designer 2013. Hands-on branding starts here. 14:30
10 Creating publishing page layouts Publishing page layouts are a must for medium to large SharePoint sites. In this part, we’ll see when you need one, how you can create and deploy your own page layout using SharePoint Designer 2013. 10:04
11 Adding simple JavaScript interaction to the site In this part, we’ll see how to integrate simple but useful interactions on your SharePoint site using JavaScript and jQuery framework and incorporate it into the master page using SharePoint Designer 2013. 8:11
12 Improving site usability with complex JavaScript interaction In this part, we’ll go from adding simple customizations to actually enhancing SharePoint functionality on the site. We’ll see how you can enhance SharePoint list view to allow for drag & drop items to facilitate visual sorting. This is where advanced branding gets really hands-on, yet, we’re still in SharePoint Designer 2013. 12:33
13 Branding SharePoint 2013 search results Search results in SharePoint 2013 bring rich interaction and user experience to the site and lots more new ways to enhance it.  In this part, we’ll learn how you can make structural and non-structural customizations to the search results. 11:29
14 Packaging SharePoint 2013 branding as an app SharePoint 2013 app framework lets you package and automate deployment of your branding and also make your branding available for sale in Office marketplace. In this part, we’ll see how you can get started with creating your own branding app using Visual Studio 2012. 15:27
15 Using Design Manager Learn how to create design packages (wsp) without code and transfer them to other site collections. This option is only available with publishing features. 7:48

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