Just In Time HelpTM

Remote consulting when You need it most!

Not every project needs a consultant for an extended period of time and bringing a consultant on site for a short time is often impractical. Similarly, sometimes you just cannot afford to spend a whole week in the classroom for training.

We provide global remote web consultation and training on-demand to serve our customers wherever they are in the world. We use the latest technologies to be able to interact in real time (using an online meeting environment). We can share our computer screen or see yours and interact with it remotely as well. The result: an experience very similar to having a SharePoint expert there right beside you!

Some of the scenarios where remote consulting can help:

  • Guidance on SharePoint strategy and best practices.
  • One-on-one training to help you ramp up in areas of SharePoint that you are not familiar with.
  • Virtual assistance building your SharePoint solutions.
  • Guidance on vendor solutions that would fit your need.
  • When going to a formal training class or engaging a long term consultant is not the answer.


Purchase Consulting

Follow these 4 easy steps to get consulting:

  1. Contact us with what you have in mind. You might not be sure if you need consulting or training. Not a problem! We can help you decide.
  2. You will get an email from us within a few hours with suggestions. If we can help, we will assign one of the consultants to you. If not, we will direct you to where you can find help for your need.
  3. If we have taken the project, purchase the agreed upon number of remote consulting/training hours – click the Purchase button to the right, then on the next screen, enter the required number of remote consulting hours.
  4. You and the assigned consultant will converse directly through email to decide on a date and time for consultation that works best for you.

Interested in purchasing multiple hours or having an ongoing consulting relationship?
Check out our Corporate Consulting!

Remote Consulting


  • Consulting tailored to your questions and issues
  • Purchase the number of hours that you need, minimum 2


Bulk Consulting

20 hours


  • Consulting tailored to your questions and issues
  • Use hours as needed in 2 hour blocks


SharePoint Consultants

When you contract our services, rest assured that it will be one of our extremely experienced SharePoint technologists listed below that will be helping you directly. We are all full time SharePoint trainers, consultants, authors and speakers. Check out our past testimonials and our extensive background in SharePoint.

Asif Rehmani

Asif is a SharePoint MVP and MCT. His passion is to educate and empower people to build no-code solutions on top of SharePoint. more…


Ricky Spears

Ricky is the Principal Consultant and President of Spears Technologies, Inc., based in Wilmington, NC. He has worked almost exclusively with Microsoft’s SharePoint more…

Russell Wright

Russell has worked with SharePoint since the STS 1.0 days. Russell excels at business process reengineering and enjoys “SharePoint-tizing” business processes. more…

Richard Wixom

Richard Wixom began working with SharePoint STS 1.0 in 2003. His thirty year of broad IT experience includes the application of SharePoint to business problems with deep technical and life-cycle experience. more…

Eric Eaton

Eric Eaton

Eric is a SharePoint Architect with broad expertise in network infrastructure and security, server administration, datacenter consolidation, project management, and desktop applications. more…


What happens if you are not satisfied?

We recommend reading all the information on this page first and then browsing this site to assess our expertise. We are confident that with the correct expectations in mind, we will not let you down. However, in case you are not satisfied with the service we provide, we will simply refund the entire amount – 100% money back guarantee!


Looking for formal training on SharePoint?

If you can afford the time, formal training by an instructor is a great option. Asif Rehmani teaches a 4 day course on Creating No Code Solutions using SharePoint Designer 2010 through Critical Path Training.
Questions? Contact us and let us know how we can help.