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We offer a number of video tutorial courses (listed below) that can be purchased with an Enterprise License to be used across a company or organization.
These Enterprise video packages can be used standalone by deploying them on an intranet or a file server. However, we recommend deploying these packages with our award winning VisualSP Help System platform to provide in-context video tutorials to your users as demonstrated in the video below.
Video package running inside VisualSP Help System

SharePoint 2013

Keep your company moving forward with the latest SharePoint knowledge.


$1,995 Learn how to make SharePoint not look like SharePoint using your custom branding.

Project Management

$1,995 Use the SharePoint platform for your project management needs.


$1,995 Want to learn how to develop on SharePoint? This video package will help.


$1,995 Learn how to design SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows.


$1,995 Learn to utilize the powerful Search (FAST) engine.

JavaScript and jQuery

$1,995 Learn to use JavaScript and jQuery in SharePoint.

Enterprise Forms

$1,995 Learn the form options available and when to utilize which one in SharePoint 2013.


$1,995 Understand the Administration fundamentals to keep SharePoint running.

Records Management

$1,995 Understand the Records Management capabilities in SharePoint.

Business Intelligence

$1,995 Learn about the Business Intelligence and dashboarding options.

Beginning Dev

$1,995 Learn 'how to' development from scratch in SharePoint 2013.

Project 2013

$1,995 Learn to use Project 2013 within the SharePoint environment.

Managed Metadata

$1,995 Understand Content Management and how to make use of Managed Metadata

Cheap Thrills

$1,995 Learn the quick tips and tricks for no-code solutions.

Office 365 Branding

$1,995 Learn how to brand and customize SharePoint Online.

External Data

$1,995 Learn how to work with external data with SharePoint BCS.

Yammer in SharePoint

$1,995 Improve collective effectiveness with Social Enterprise Networks.

SharePoint Hybrid

$1,995 Understand how to cultivate a hybrid environment in SharePoint.

Content Management

$,1995 This class will focus on SharePoint content management essentials.

SharePoint 2010

Haven't upgraded to SharePoint 2013 yet? Not a problem. We have lots of content for you.

SPD Fundamentals

$1,995 A collection of SharePoint Designer 2010 fundamentals.


$1,995 Learn to create SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows.


$1,995 Learn to create connection to enterprise data using Business Connectivity Services.

Reporting Services

$1,995 Create powerful reports using SQL Reporting Services.

Access Services

$1,995 Learn to utilize Access Services to build applications.


$1,995 Learn to brand SharePoint 2010.


$1,995 Build powerful Taxonomies and organize your data.

Project Management

$1,995 Learn to setup project management in SharePoint 2010.


$1,995 Learn how to setup Search mechanisms in SharePoint 2010.

InfoPath 2010

$1,995 Learn forms creation and management using InfoPath.

SharePoint 2007

We provide videos for SharePoint 2007 as well.


$1,995 Learn end user fundamentals and subsite administration.

SPD 2007

$1,995 Learn to make best use of SharePoint Designer 2007.

InfoPath 2007

$1,995 Learn to manage forms using InfoPath.

Bundle Deals

Buy three packages and save 10%!

3 pack Bundle (2010)

$5,385 Get fundamentals, SPD and InfoPath 2010 video packages.

3 pack Bundle (2007)

$5,385 Get fundamentals, SPD and InfoPath 2007 video packages.

Any 3 video packages

$5,385 Get any 3 SharePoint video packages above.

For government, education and non-profit institutions, we provide an additional 10% discount on all Enterprise User video package licenses (not valid on Bundled offers). Use the discount code SP10DiscGov when in the shopping cart (when checking out, please click the 'Apply' button to apply the code and get the adjusted price).

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