One-on-one Consulting

We'll work with you to grow your business affordably, effectively, and personally.

Corporate Consulting Packages

We provide global remote web consultation and training on-demand to serve our customers wherever they are in the world. We use the latest technologies to be able to interact in real time (using an online meeting environment). We can share our computer screen or see yours and interact with it remotely as well.

The result: an experience very similar to having a SharePoint expert there right beside you!

Some of the scenarios where remote consulting can help:

  • Guidance on SharePoint strategy and best practices.
  • One-on-one training to help you ramp up in areas of SharePoint that you are not familiar with.
  • Virtual assistance building your SharePoint solutions.
  • Guidance on vendor solutions that would fit your need.
  • When going to a formal training class or engaging a long term consultant is not the answer.

Purchase Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting can be purchased in 10, 20 and 40 hour packages to provide you with expert SharePoint consulting.

Corporate Consulting

10 hours


  • Consulting tailored to your questions and issues
  • Use hours as needed in 2 hour blocks


Corporate Consulting

20 hours


  • Consulting tailored to your questions and issues
  • Use hours as needed in 2 hour blocks


Corporate Consulting

40 hours


  • Consulting tailored to your questions and issues
  • Use hours as needed in 2 hour blocks


Note: Corporate Consulting packages expire one year from purchase date.

SharePoint Consultants

When you contract our services, rest assured that it will be one of our extremely experienced SharePoint technologists listed below that will be helping you directly. We are all full time SharePoint trainers, consultants, authors and speakers. Check out our past testimonials and our extensive background in SharePoint.

Darrin Bishop

Darrin is a 8 time SharePoint MVP and has been involved with SharePoint since 2001. His backgrounds covers BI, administration, ECM and more.

Gary Lapointe

Gary has been working with SharePoint since 2007. He is a well respected developer in the community who specializes in helping IT pros be more productive.

Maurice Prather

Maurice is a 5 time SharePoint MVP. He was previously employed by Microsoft. He specializes in PerformancePoint, PowerPivot and search customizations.

Ricky Spears

Ricky has written and taught multiple courses on SharePoint automation - especially dealing with SharePoint Designer and InfoPath.

Fabian Williams

Fabian is a SharePoint architect who has been working with SharePoint since 2003. His focus is in development and BCS.

Yaroslav Pentarskyy

Yaroslav is an expert in SharePoint branding. He has authored multiple books on branding and SharePoint development and blogs about the subjects regularly.

Eric Eaton

Eric is a SharePoint architect. He specializes in project management, server administration and building customization solutions on top of SharePoint.

Marc Anderson

Marc is a 3 time SharePoint MVP. He is the developer of the popular jQuery library for SharePoint web services and specializes in javascript based solutions.

Agnes Molnar

Agnes has a strong focus on enterprise search solutions built on SharePoint. She has architected dozens of search and FAST solutions.

Mike Doane

Mike teaches graduate level courses in knowledge management and taxonomy development He is a master of all things related to term store and taxonomy.

Check out a few of our favorite testimonials

We always strive to delight our customers!
It was great! I got a lot of ideas about things that I can try to help overcome the obstacles that I’m facing. It was good just to have someone look at what I was doing so that I know that I was at least partially on the right track. Since I’m the only SharePoint person, I don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off. It was nice to brainstorm with a couple of guys who know their way around SharePoint. The guys were a tremendous resource and very professional!
Samantha Davis - St. Lucie Public Schools
I am very satisfied with the project. Eric is very knowledgeable and was a big help to this project. My dealings with Eric have all been outstanding and professional. I am really happy with the way this has turned out.
Joe Knotts - IT Administrator, C&L Refrigeration Corporation

Read more testimonials here. Also check out our list of corporate clients.

What happens if you are not satisfied?

We recommend reading all the information on this page first and then browsing this site to assess our expertise. We are confident that with the correct expectations in mind, we will not let you down. However, in case you are not satisfied once the consultancy starts, simply let us know and we will refund the entire amount - 100% money back guarantee!

Questions? Contact us and let us know how we can help.