Multi-user licensing support page

Multi-user licensing at VisualSP provides the functionality for a company to provide multiple users complete access to our library of 966 videos. This page has been setup to show how to best utilize this subscription.

Setting up and administering Subusers

With the purchase of the multi-user subscription, you are provided with an Account Administrator account and x number of Subuser accounts (depending on the purchase) that you can administer as needed. All accounts (including the admin account) have complete access to all the video tutorial content on the site.

Subusers tab in Your Account area shows the number of subusers you have already created and more available to create.


New subusers can be created by the administrator. The administrator can reconfigure any of the user fields at any time.

New User

Account admin can view analytics for subusers.  User activity over a period of 1 month, 6 months and 1 year is available to the admin to evaluate usage.

Users can easily browse through or search for video tutorials they are most interested in.

All videos can be watched in full screen mode. All related videos appear below the video player. Video tags are used to browse videos on other topics.

The following video explains the entire process:

Guide to Training and Empowering your Subusers

From our own experience and our customers through the years, we have realized that users need to be guided in order for them to take the best advantage of this system. We have put together the following tips which hope to help guide you put together a plan for your user training and support needs:

  1. Hold an in-person or online orientation for the subusers you configure in the system to introduce them to the system
  2. Assign subuser accounts to folks with varying skill sets and responsibilities (Branding, Reporting, Process Automation, Forms Management etc.). Guide each one to discover the videos which pertain to them specifically
  3. Setup page(s) on your Intranet with links to specific videos which your subusers will benefit from most according to your needs
  4. Tell the subusers that they have the account for a limited amount of time (this helps create a sense of urgency for them to get trained). Switch out the account every quarter and assign a different person a subuser account
  5. Hold quarterly internal user group meetings for everyone to share what they have learned and also to surface any specific SharePoint issues they might have run into


Still have a question or concern? Please contact us and let us know how we can help.